Lake District Biogas Ltd are in the early stages of the development of an on-site biogas plant at Aspatria's Lake District Creamery (Cumbria). This creamery is owned by First Milk, who are the UK's largest dairy processing cooperative.

Alongside the manufacture of premium cheese at the creamery, First Milk also produce a high volume of whey permeate (a by-product of the cheese making process). This whey permeate and other organic residues produced at the plant are an ideal feedstock for anaerobic digestion - where the milk fats and sugars are converted into biogas. Lake District Creamery produce 18,000 tonnes of cheese per year from milk supplied by local farmers. As a by-product of this activity, the site produces a sufficient volume of whey permeate residue to generate sufficient biogas to supply up to 5 megawatt hours of thermal energy (enough to heat around 4000 homes).

The biogas is produced from the anaerobic digestion of the organic matter (fats, sugars and proteins) in the effluent and by-products. Anaerobic Digestion can also be used to generate biogas from animal slurries and household food waste, but the technology being used at LDB is specifically designed to handle residues from the food processing and beverage industries. This biogas can then be utilised to generate renewable electricity or it can be enhanced with additional processing to allow it to be injected as bio-methane into the local gas grid.