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Press Release – 3rd June 2015

Posted: 2016-04-07 16:42:25

Press Release – 3rd June 2015

Lake District Biogas (LDB) has commissioned Clearfleau to design, build and operate the bio-energy plant at the cheese creamery in Aspatria, rural Cumbria.  The plant will reduce residual sludge management costs, while generating renewable energy for use on site.

Tom Northway, Director of LDB says: “Clearfleau's on-site AD technology has been selected as it has a proven track record in the dairy sector. It will optimise gas output and deliver a solid return on capital for our investors. We are delighted that this will be the first plant in the dairy sector to supply green gas into the national gas grid.”  

The feedstock from the creamery comprises low-strength wash waters (process rinses and cleaning supplemented by whey permeate (cheese production residue after protein extraction for use in energy supplements). 

The integrated on-site AD plant will take over from the existing aerobic plant in early 2016 and treat the entire wastewater output of the factory - some 1,300 m3 of effluent and 350m3 of whey permeate – a combined daily total of 1,650 m3.

This is a very positive move by First Milk to future proof their leading creamery operation by generating a significant proportion of their energy needs from their production residues.

Initial News Shorts

March 2015 – completion of the initial aerobic upgrade works requested by  the Environment Agency, prior to the start of works on the main Anaerobic Digestion plant.

May 2015  - Initial ground clearance works completed for the new AD plant which will  replace the outdated aerobic plant that is currently treating the creamery wastewaters.

June 2015 – work due to start work on the bases of the digester tanks at the Aspatria site.  The plan is to start producing biogas from the residues before the end of the year.